Amanda the Adventurer Game Online Play

As a child, every person was in love with these cool computer games where you need to complete small tasks with the main character and move by the plot. Developers designed a bunch of different heroes and created their exciting journeys. But Amanda the Adventurer isn’t an average personage from these stories.

Meet the main character

In game you play a person who is peacefully living in his neighborhood in a small cozy house. One day he decides to arrange general cleaning. After a couple of hours, he finished cleaning all the rooms and halls except the attic. This place was abandoned for a long period of time, there are spiders and dust all over the boxes and floor.

During the cleaning, the main hero discovers the strange video tapes. They will show us the game with the little girl and her best friend. The strange thing in Amanda the Adventurer is, the main personage doesn’t remember playing it in his childhood. And he has no idea how these tapes appeared in his house.

But he is a curious guy, so he decides to turn on the old TV and watch the show right in the attic. Three different tapes are placed in a certain order. And you need to begin with the first one to discover the entire game.

What is your task?

In the first game’s episode the little girl is standing in the middle of the cartoon bright forest with her friend. Her friend is a small ship who can speak and walk as a real human. They are going to visit the market and purchase some apples. Your aim is to answer her questions in the special field and pick the right buildings.

Just enter the answers with your keyboard and use your mouse to click on the buildings. So first, find the store with the apples. Choose it and transfer to this shop. After that, she will ask you to type the name of the fruits she wants to purchase. If you successfully complete her tasks, the episode will end, and you can begin watching the new tape.

The second mission Amanda the Adventurer is to go and buy meat. Your task is to find the store and ask a seller to cut and give you meat. But the cute cartoon journey ends on the second tape, because the third one will show you the real horror game.

Test your nerves with this little girl

The first strange thing in game you noticed is that when you refuse to complete her tasks she becomes extremely mad. For example, try to pick the wrong building or type another world than she asks. After a couple of tries, she becomes furious and deletes all other options. So she can easily make you do what she wants.

Also, during the first episode, you discover that the ship is allergic to apples, and she ignores this fact. The second episode begins in a very disturbing way. The ship tries to warn us about her, but she comes and makes him play his role again. And the house in the third picture suspiciously looks like your home. You can’t even imagine what monster is hiding in this small kid. But you will definitely meet this creature at the end of your journey.

So prepare yourself for the screamers and frightening creatures. Immerse into this terrifying atmosphere with all these characters and unlock all the secrets this Amanda the Adventurer game contains.