Amanda the Adventurer 2

Amanda the Adventurer 2 is the sequel to the popular horror. Here the player is waiting for a huge secret that needs to be unraveled. To do this, you need to spend a little time and not lose your mind.

The challenge is designed for those who love puzzles. Become a member of this strange atmosphere and come out a winner! We are sure you will be very interested!

TV show that drives you crazy!

In this game, you will go to the attic where you will find a strange cassette tape. Shaking it off the dust, you need to find out what the record is there. As soon as you see the video, it will become clear that this is entertainment for children.

A fascinating story of a girl who shines with her mind. Start watching and learning new things with her. But over time it will become clear that this is not a simple cassette. It contains a huge evil that needs to be destroyed. Be on the alert so that nothing happens to you! There will be no screamers that will scare you to death! This process puts pressure on the psyche, which will strain.

Some scenes can knock you out of the loop, but don’t stop there! Try to cope with stress and find out the whole truth about this sinister show! Be careful and pay attention to the little things while you play! Good luck!