My Mini Mart

Become a successful businessman by starting your own farm. You need to look after your livestock and grow something. So you too can become a farm owner!

You can now produce other products from the crops you grow, such as cakes, flour, etc. You can also cook them in your own kitchen. A farm is available for you.

A farm is available to you, which is a type of shop where you can sell your goods. This feature also allows you to hire workers and delegate tasks to them. They can help with the cleaning, but also stand behind the till or advise visitors. Pay them a salary and even give them praise and blame. In short, be a real boss. Taking on the load.

Your main job is to develop your business to make money so that you can eventually sell a wide range of everyday products and, of course, make lots of money. So implement different strategies or decorate your mall, work hard and you will achieve success!