Momo Horror Story

One day you were peacefully watching TV in your house, when suddenly, your mobile phone rang. Somebody texted you in the popular messenger. The terrifying message was on your screen. And from this moment you need to survive, or your life will be in danger.

Inspired by the famous creepy pasta, developers created this product to scare all the true fans of this genre. Momo Horror Story begins from your house. After she calls you, you receive a couple of hours before your time comes.

As you understand, you need to survive till the police come to your house to rescue you. For this purpose, you need to complete various quests and avoid meeting this terrifying monster. She has long black hair and frightening big eyes. Her facial expression is scary because of her creepy smile. And she walks only on all fours, but is extremely fast.

When you meet her, you need to quickly run to the safe place and hide there till she goes away. Because meeting her means death for you and the end of the game. And you don’t have additional life in case the worth will happen.

You can play one of the two modes developers created for you. Pick the one in the main menu and begin the walkthrough. First, you are able to just complete quests, search for necessary items and wait for the police.

The tasks are simple – fix the light, turn on the generator or pull the lever. The second regime is more interesting. You are able to find a destructive weapon and try to shoot this creature to win. Don’t think that this mission is easy, and you can quickly destroy your enemy and win.

The thing is, she can stand after a couple of bullets. And if you don’t destroy her in the first try, she will immediately reach you and show you the real nightmare. So combine the dynamic shooting with completing the quests to stay alive and wait for the rescue.

Are you ready to test your nerves? Your mobile phone is already ringing. And you better pick up, or she will come and teach you manners!