Slime World

Join the battle of two empires. You are under attack by the black slugs and you must do everything possible to protect your kingdom from them. To do this, you have to make them much stronger. And then you will be able to face your enemies.


To do this, you have to unite them, and then they will be stronger. Then they will grow and you will be able to win if they attack you. Don’t forget to think strategically and, of course, to be very careful.

By the way, you can get Orichalcum in the process and move it later with the NPT converter. Then you have to gather a certain amount and change it. You can also specify that these gaskets are NPT.

They are very important, especially at this time. Here we present the principle and the system of this interaction. So if you want to understand it at least superficially, there you have it. Also in this entertainment product.