Amanda the Adventurer

An average kids show is full of interesting riddles, cool characters, cartoon scenery and exciting quests. But what if the main personage of this kids game is a terrifying monster?

Complete simple quests

The main hero is a grown person with his own house and life. One day he decided to clean his attic and throw away all the unnecessary boxes, toys and other things that were left from his childhood. During the cleaning he finds the box of strange tapes.

According to the tapes, this is the story about Amanda the Adventurer. She is a main character of the old children show. Despite him being sure that he didn’t watch this show as a kid, he decides to remember the good old times and puts the tape into a little TV. The first episode begins in the small forest.

The main heroine is a little girl who is ready for an exciting journey. She has a friend – an adorable little sheep. Together they want to visit the fruit shop and purchase apples. You need to find this store and click on it to transfer to this building. Inside this place, your mission is to type what you want to buy in the special field.

After the task is successfully completed, you can take the second tape and play it. Your tasks are also simple here. Find the meat shop and buy the meals. The same goes with the last video. But the atmosphere there will be completely different.

What is this strange girl planning?

The first video seems normal. But you still feel something strange. For example, you clearly see that the sheep is allergic to apples and warns this girl about it. But she ignores this fact and wants her friend to taste them anyway. In the beginning of the second episode the sheep tries to warn us about this girl, but she comes and interrupts him.

The creepy things happen when you try to refuse to complete her orders. She becomes furious and even deletes wrong buildings, so you have no option but to pick the right ones. The third episode will even take place in your house.

The decorations suddenly change to your neighborhood, and she is already standing in front of your house. Discover what this monster wants to do with you, and how you can avoid meeting her. Because suddenly from an average cartoon personage, she became a real terrifying monster in the real world. And she will make you meet her in real life.

The previous owner of these videos tried to throw them away in the middle of the forest. But the strange power persuaded him to leave this box in his house. Will you be able to get rid of them? Discover it in the frightening Amanda the Adventurer 2 part on this site!