Draw Joust!

Use your creativity to the fullest. Because that’s what we really need here. In fact, it is the key to victory. Your task is to draw the tool that you will use to defeat the enemy. So come up with something really unusual that you’re sure to use to defeat anyone who stands in your way.

Remember that the amount of ink is limited. So you need to build a certain number of cars that can take on your opponent. He also makes his own vehicle that he drives. Therefore, you need to be better than him.

You need to be able to improve your car.

You can make money with mechanics. It’s very useful because you can buy different upgrades with it. It can be improving your health, drawing skills, strength or passive income. Because the money accumulates constantly, even when you are not online.

All this gives you a great advantage. It allows you to buy a large number of boosters that will help you defeat any opponent. It’s a great way to get the best material in the world.