Paper Fold

Unlock your brain as you solve puzzles of moderate difficulty! You were given a piece of paper with lines to fold. Fold them one by one until you can see the whole picture.

It’s simple. Play until you get the picture, go to the next level, and repeat the process. After a few tries, you’ll know what to do and you’ll be close to mastering it perfectly.

Thousands of levels await you! Create cute cartoon cats, dragons, witches, behemoths and famous statues from around the world in about three moves. Of course, you’ll soon discover the secrets of origami, but don’t try to do it fast. This seemingly simple game is designed to be meditative fun. There is no life, no timer, no place for competition

So sit back, let nothing distract you, and immerse yourself in the art of paper. Think as much as you need to and allow yourself to be lazy. Take your own pace and, step by step, open up patterns that are more complex and interesting than the previous one. In short, have a great holiday!