Amanda the Adventurer Mod

This horror game can drive anyone crazy! Here everyone will feel goosebumps on the body. Try to plunge into this atmosphere of surprise and tension!

Take part in a vintage show designed for children. Uncover a terrible secret that will change your thinking! This process will remain in memory for a long time, although it will not take much time.

Get to the truth!

Amanda the Adventurer Mod will show you your own fear! There will be no creepy scenes or screamers. It all depends on the pictures that will appear. In the attic in the house, the player will find a tape on which the show is recorded.

Starring a little girl along with her friend. She is smart beyond her years and can answer all the quiz questions. You have to take her place and pass this challenge. As soon as the minutes start ticking, strange things start to happen in the mansion. You have to not only cope with this, but also survive! Solve all the puzzles that will appear on the way and be done with it!

Some actions may cause surprise or even shock! Be careful to complete all tasks! Do not relax if everything seems to be done. These secrets will turn the heads of everyone who dares to do this! It will be very interesting to play until the last second!