Baldi’s Basics v1.4.3

The school was always a place where you can meet your best friends, have fun together and learn something new in classes. But this building will become your worst nightmare.

This scary teacher left you after school because you failed your math test. He is an average math professor who hates his students but continues to work here. He is furious and wants to teach you a lesson. So he decides to scare you.

This furious teacher will chase you during the entire game. So when you hear the sound of a ruler on the surface, you need to run and hide under the table or in locked classes to avoid meeting this frightening monster. And your aim is to survive and escape this terrifying building alive. But what can you do to complete this thrilling mission?

He wants you to remember all the mathematical examples he taught you. Find all the textbooks with these riddles and try to solve them. But the main problem is that you have limited time. After a couple of difficult riddles, they become impossible to solve.

And every time you fail your task, the professor becomes mad, and your nightmare continues. But after you try to solve all the notes, you receive the desired keys and have the possibility to escape. The main question is, will you reach this moment, or this place is your grave?

Baldiā€™s Basics v1.4.3 is waiting for every person who wants to immerse into the atmosphere of the good old school days. But remember that this is just a trick, and you will play by his rules.