They Are Coming

The zombie apocalypse remains one of the most popular types. But few people want to spend much time on survival maps. In this casual game, you can enjoy making your way through infested areas with little time to conquer and a complex storyline that isn’t too heavy.

You are alone in the middle of an unpopular road. To your left and right are large fields of grain, and on the horizon you see an equally large group of bandits. There’s little time to rest in the half-derelict mansion. If you’re not careful, the zombies will open the door and you’ll have nowhere to go.

A soldier must spend eight nights upgrading his equipment, finding faster weapons and overcoming obstacles. From wooden axes to machine guns, from protective masks to samurai costumes, the man evolves from day to day. But the monsters also learn teamwork and new attacks every time the sun rises. It’s an endless battle between man and beast, and the outcome depends entirely on your strategy.