Twerk Race 3D

Prepare for an epic and dynamic competition where you will be one of the participants! You’ll have to get a nice butt to do it! That means your butt has to be big! You control the girl and have to pull her in different directions to make her move in the desired direction.

You must go on a journey and collect different foods along the way. They also affect you in different ways. Vegetables and fruit, for example, make you lose weight, while a hamburger makes you gain a few extra pounds. So choose the products you need and eat them.

Once you’ve crossed the finish line, the battle begins and now it all depends on your twerking performance. If you’ve done everything right, victory is assured. But you can’t overdo it, because you have to be in a certain weight class.

So you have to balance and get the right number on the scale to beat your opponent. The difficulty increases each time. So don’t relax after the first triumph. Because it won’t get any easier later in your future competitions.